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Mar 19, 2013 6:00am PDT
of the faithful gathered hours ago for the inaugural mass of pope francis. that is where the new pope emphasized service to others. >> we have new video in the newsroom in the last hour of vice president biden meeting pope francis. vice president biden led the delegation to the vatican for the ceremony and mass and shook hands with the pope and said a few wores to him. the pope nodded and smiled. pope francis is greeting hundreds of zig aniaries with delegations from 132 nations there. this is also an estimated 200,000 people gathered in st. peter's square coming to see and hear the new pope. pope francis circled the square in an open jeep and received the ring and vestment and celebrated mass. he focused in the message on protection. >> we are all protectors of creation. we are protectors of the plan of god written if nature and protectors of one another and of the environment. >> pope francis made reference to pope benedict in the homily. we are told pope benedict watched on tv. the two will meet on saturday. two things that were different about the events than in the past, the gospel was read
Mar 24, 2013 6:00am PDT
. >> pope francis has just finished giving his first palm sunday mass at the vatican. he celebrated in st. peter's square before thousands waving branches. it is the start of holy week ceremonies which lead up to easter sunday, the most important day on the christian calendar. pope francis wore a bright red rope over a white as he presided over mass. the first latin-american pope was elected on march 13th following pope benedict xvi's resignation. >> in jerusalem people of all denominations came to walk in the footsteps of jesus. palm sunday marks the day christ returned to jerusalem before his crucifixion will crowds greeted him waving palm branches. the faithful did it today. it is the sight where people believe jesus was resurrected. >>> 6:09 on this sunday morning. shaping up to be a nice one. we have runners in oakland's. they have a lot of meals ahead of them. >> and it chouinard be very different from yesterday. if you liked yesterday's forecast, about the same today. patchy fog at the coast. this is our sutro camera. we will look for changes beginning at the coast today. and the p
Mar 23, 2013 6:00am PDT
pope is meeting with a former pope. francis lunching with benedict. coming up, details of their private meeting. >> you hear ron laughing. ron is just back from -- >> i thought you were talking about the giraffe attacking the people. >> that's another story. >> hasn't happened for 600 years. >> a sign of ron's skepticism. he believes the whole giraffe thing is cgi, special effects. >> exactly. >> could be. >> great to have you back, ron and you as well, dan. >>> happening overnight the senate working into the early hours of the morning to hash out a new bipartisan budget deal. so why is this so significant? well, it's the first proposal actually passed in four years. but the question this morning, will it bring an end to the spending showdown? >> i wish we had a more positive answer to that question. >>> also coming up, a story that is positively going viral about a soldier's girlfriend and a gesture of kindness from an anonymous veteran. we're going to tell you what this guy did
Mar 25, 2013 6:00am PDT
worldwide. >> pope francis views the first palm sunday to announce he will travel to rio de janeiro in july. the visit will mark a return to south america for the argentina pope. add the mass, the pope encouraged people to be humble and young at heart in the address to the congregation. the square overflowed with about 250,000 people eager to join the new pope at the start of holy week. the ceremonies lead up to easter sunday. >>the winner of a giant powerball jackpot will be announced. the $338 winning ticket was sold in new jersey at this travel stop and country store. the store manager says that winner called the store from delaware claiming he had the winning ticket but the call dropped before he could get a name. this morning, a truck driver is tweeting that he is the winner of the six the largest jackpot in history and we will find out when the announcement is made at 10:00 if he is really the one. >> one oscar winning actress is in the spotlight but you would not say he is honing her craft. maybe she is. but what craft is it? the latest exhibit at the museum of modern art in new york
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4